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Evonik is driving forward its commitment in the attractive additive manufacturing market by development of innovative ready-to-use materials for new 3D printing technologies. 

Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process Jetting - STEP

Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process is an additive manufacturing technology to offer a viable alternative to injection molding. The platform combines proven 2D printing technology with a number of proprietary subsystems to evolve additive manufacturing far beyond existing technologies for plastic productions.

Quantum Laser Sintering - QLS™

Designed for completely automated lights-out twenty-four-seven operation, Quantum Laser Sintering fully enables the potential of Industry 4.0 by taking additive manufacturing from prototyping to low and medium volume production.

Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing - CBAM

CBAM process leverages high-speed 2D graphics technologies and is specifically designed for volume production of composite parts. Long-fiber sheets of carbon or glass are fused with thermoplastic powders to make high-performance composite parts like never before.


The freeformer system has been developed specifically as an open system. Tiny plastic droplets provide the basis for flexible adjustment options. This gives you the freedom to individually optimize the properties of your additively manufactured parts and to process your own materials.

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Evonik and Evolve Additive Solutions Will Jointly Develop 3D Printing Materials for STEP Process

NXT Factory

Evonik and NXT Factory intensify cooperation for 3D printing.


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