Infinity meets reality

INFINAM® 3D printing materials by Evonik

Drawing on almost three decades of experience in development and manufacturing polymer-based 3D printing materials, Evonik unbounds sustainable 3D printing at scale by enabling infinite 3D applications come true with INFINAM®—our brand for ready-to-use nylon powders and PEEK filaments.


Evonik offers a wide range of nylon powders, elastomers and PEEK filaments for industrial 3D printing.

About Evonik for 3D printing

Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. With its 34,000 employees around the globe, the company goes far beyond chemistry to create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for customers. We are a PIONEER for ready-to-use materials to unbound sustainable 3D printing at scale.

Evonik's 3D printing activities are bundled in the group’s additive manufacturing innovation growth field. We draw on necessary resources to constantly develop new materials, expand our production capacities, and bring external expertise in-house. All these measures create the general framework for us to be at the forefront. Our years of expertise in polymer chemistry are the basic prerequisite for our success. In addition, we have built up a strong industry partner network over the years. Within those networks, we actively shape the market and set trends to always stay one step ahead.

We offer a wide range of nylon powders, elastomers and PEEK filaments for industrial 3D printing. Our INFINAM® PA12 ready-to-use materials are considered the gold standard in powder bed fusion technologies. Furthermore, Evonik offers the industry's most extensive portfolio of 3D-printable biomaterials for medical technology, which can be used to manufacture medical device parts designed for temporary and permanent body contact. 

We draw on the enormous chemical expertise of our researchers in component development and formulation. On this basis, we can offer the market a unique 3D printing materials with excellent properties and help our customers to conquer new application areas.