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Evonik enables 3d printing for the things to come 

We drive additive manufacturing along the entire value chain by offering industrial ready-to-use high-performance materials for all major polymer-based 3D-printing technologies.

Additive manufacturing is a highly promising market. 3d printing is fast, innovative—and therefore ideally suited to an industrial world where every cent and every second count. And for a number of years now expectations regarding the development of tool-less production have been correspondingly high.

Binder Jetting

Since decades, Evonik has successfully been providing polymer powders for several 3D printing technologies. The company now leverages this expertise to develop new ready-to-use material systems for binder jetting including powders and innovative binders.

Material extrusion

Evonik is a leading manufacturer of high-performance filaments based on PEEK and bioresorbable Polymers as well as highly specialized inorganic particles suitable for 3D material extrusion.

Powder Bed Fusion

Evonik had already delivered the first polyamide 12 powder material for Powder Bed Fusion in 1996 setting new quality standards that currently apply to 3D printing of polymer materials.

Vat Polymerization

Evonik is an innovation leader in ready-to-use photo-resins, additives and other components for additive manufacturing, which will help you to harness the full power of photo-curing 3D printing technology.

New Technologies

Evonik is driving forward its commitment in the attractive additive manufacturing market by development of innovative ready-to-use materials for new 3D printing technologies.

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