High strength photopolymer (resin) for industrial 3D printing

INFINAM® ST 6100 L resin is a black colored liquid photopolymer 3D printing material for vat polymerization technologies such as SLA, LCD or DLP. The fully cured material exhibits excellent mechanical properties (high strength combined with elongation) and high temperature resistance. 

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What are Photopolymers?

Photopolymers are material compositions based on polymers/oligomers/monomers which can be selectively polymerized and/or crosslinked upon image-wise exposure by light radiation such as ultra-violet light. For final use, they are made into different forms like, for instance, Evonik's liquids or resins in other words. 


Evonik's INFINAM® ST 6100 L photopolymer resin 3D printing material is a game-changer for industrial 3D printing. Designed specifically for vat polymerization technologies such as SLA (Stereolithography) or DLP (Digital Light Processing), this high-performance material unlocks the potential of additive manufacturing at scale.

New benchmark in high strength photo-resin category with a combined tensile strength of 89 MPa, flexural stress of 145 MPa and HDT of 120 °C, which fills the material gap in ultra high strength photopolymers. These special material properties make INFINAM® ST 6100 L the material of choice for applications which need high temperature resistance combined with high mechanical strength.

With INFINAM® ST 6100 L, users can print high-precision parts with exceptional mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, toughness, and impact resistance. The material is also resistant to chemicals and high temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. 

Moreover, the material's exceptional accuracy and surface finish make it an ideal choice for applications that demand high levels of detail and quality. This includes the production of molds, models, and tooling, as well as parts for the aerospace, automotive, or electronic industries.

Key material properties

  • Durable & tough
  • High tensile strength combined with elongation
  • High temperature resistance
  • High green body strength
  • Very good weatherability

Product overview

Product name





Industrial 3D printing photopolymer for SLA or DLP

1 kg bottle

INFINAM® ST 6100 L - High strength photopolymer (resin) for industrial 3D printing
INFINAM® ST 6100 L - High strength photopolymer (resin) for industrial 3D printing

Industrial parts production places high demands on materials, as many applications require high mechanical strength combined with high temerature resistance. Evonik delivers on this promise with INFINAM® ST 6100 L for photocuring 3D printing.

Development of photopolymer 3D printing materials

Evonik’s INFINAM® ST photopolymer 3D printing material for vat polymerization technologies such as SLA or DLP has been designed at the group’s Asia Research Hub in Singapore. With the research hub, Evonik is expanding its collaboration with public and private research institutions and organizations. For instance, Evonik has formed a partnership with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore to develop novel technologies in 3D printing for industrial application. Therefore, Singapore is Evonik’s Research & Development Center for application driven development of new ready-to-use photopolymer 3D printing materials that can be processed on a wide range of common SLA and DLP machines commercially available on the market.

Evonik introduced INFINAM® ST 6100 L to fill this gap in the material landscape. This fast curing and easy to process photopolymer 3D printing material convinces due to the fact that printed parts can be machined easily after post processing. INFINAM® ST 6100 L compares well to standard injection molding materials like glass filled nylons like PA6. This makes it easy to select for the respective applications.


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