Medical polymers

Our portfolio of GMP powders for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technologies includes RESOMER® PrintPowder. This free-flowing powder is suitable for high-resolution printing and features an optimized particle size distribution for efficient processability.

RESOMER® Print Powder

Evonik has developed RESOMER® PrintPowder – the first powder-based bioresorbable polymer to enable high-resolution 3D printing of implantable medical devices on Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) equipment. This free-flowing powder features tight specifications and an optimized particle size distribution for efficient processability. The mechanical and degradation properties of devices can be precisely engineered to meet requirements in strength, durability and stress shielding.

RESOMER® PrintPowder leverages a record of excellence for safety, biocompatibility and supply security that spans more than 30 years of commercial use. RESOMER® Select customizable powders are also available.

Fulfilling SLS printing requirements

Our facilities have unique powder preparation capabilities that enable the production of technical and GMP-grade powders in commercial volumes. Other application services include the rapid printing and evaluation of feasibility samples, non-GMP prototyping, process development support, analytical characterization, mechanical testing and degradation studies.


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