Photopolymer resins for industrial 3D printing 

Evonik is continuing its materials campaign in 3D printing. With a total of seven new INFINAM® photopolymers for photo-curing 3D printing technologies like SLA, DLP or LCD, Evonik has diversified the additive manufacturing material landscape in less than two years.

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High-performance photopolymer resins for SLA or DLP 3D Printing

With decades of experience in the chemical industry, Evonik has developed a range of high-performance photopolymers that are ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Our new line of photopolymers are ready-to-use, high-performance materials that can be processed on a wide range of common SLA, DLP or LCD printers commercially available on the market.

Photopolymer resins for 3D printing

Flexible (elastomer) resins

INFINAM® FL elastomer photopolymers enable infinite 3D printing possibilities for manufacturing of flexible parts in photo-curing technologies.

HIgh toughness resins

INFINAM® TI photopolymers lead to high toughness and impact-resistant 3D printed parts manufactured in comon photo-curing technologies.

High strength resins

INFINAM® ST photopolymers fill the material gap in high-strength materials for photo-curing 3D printing technologies (SLA, DLP).

Rigid resins

INFINAM® RG photopolymers have been specially developed for 3D printing of rigid industrial parts using photo-curing technologies. 


INFINAM® FR photopolymers meet customer demands for highly flame retardant industrial materials used in the aerospace, automotive and other industries. 

Evonik's new product line of resins for SLA and DLP 3D printing

Introducing the groups new product line of specialized photopolymers vat polimerization technologies such as SLA,  DLP or LCD in 2021, Evonik continues its materials campaign to drive 3D printing at scale along the entire value chain and thus strengthening its long-term market position as materials experts for all major polymer-based 3D printing technologies. With a total of seven new photopolymer resins, Evonik has diversified the additive manufacturing material landscape in less than two years. Our portfolio of specialized resins today include elastomer (rubber-like), transparent, rigid, flame retardantPVC-like, or ABS-like photopolymers that enable UV-cured manufacturing of 3D parts.    

One of the key advantages of Evonik's photopolymers is their high level of accuracy and precision. These materials can be used to create parts and components with incredibly fine detail and intricate geometries, making them ideal for use in applications where accuracy and precision are critical.

Evonik's photopolymers offer a powerful combination of accuracy, precision, and customizability, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial 3D printing applications. With the groups extensive expertise in the chemical industry and commitment to innovation, Evonik is poised to continue leading the way in the development of high-performance photopolymers for photo-curing 3D printing technologies.

Application driven development of photopolymers 3D printing materials

Application driven material development is key. As one of the groups six innovation growth fields, Evonik invests above the industrial average in the development of new specialized photopolymer resins for SLA, LCD or DLP 3D printing or further development of existing INFINAM® product portfolio for vat polimerization 3D printing technologies.

Evonik's Asia Research Hub in Singapore is our innovation spot for further development of spezialized photopolymers suitable for particular 3D printing applications. Located in Biopolis, the home for international and groundbreaking research in Singapore, the hub offers national and international professionals and graduates – spanning from engineers to scientists – a creative environment for innovative ideas in a highly interactive workplace. Talent from all over the world will be brought together to carry out pioneering R&D by integrating scientific and technological capabilities in a collaborative lab concept.

With the research hub, Evonik is expanding its collaboration with public and private research institutions and organizations. Evonik has formed a partnership with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore to develop novel technologies in 3D printing of photopolymer resins for industrial application.


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