White paper

Driving sustainable 3D printing at scale with new INFINAM® polyamide 12 powder materials for true circularity



By its very nature, additive manufacturing has the potential to drive sustainable parts production at scale. The main advantages of 3D printing could play an important, even decisive role for producers and manufacturers towards series applications. The more transparent the sustainable journey becomes at the beginning of the value chain, the more impact these effects will have in the final application. Yet material manufacturers bear a great responsibility here because the sustainable result of an application stands or falls with the sustainable performance of the materials used.

As PIONEER for ready-to-use 3D printing materials, Evonik aligns its INFINAM® polyamide 12 (PA12) powders along improved overall eco-balances. The current material portfolio is being gradually expanded to further improve circular benefits while maintaining technical performance.

In this whitepaper, Evonik showcases footprint impact of its new PA12 powders for powder bed fusion 3D printing based on cradle-to-gate results of TÜV Rheinland certified life cycle assessments. Furthermore, Evonik’s own reusability case study of the group’s PA12 powders has been elaborated on the following pages as well.