High-performance photopolymer resins for vat polymerization 3D printing

Introducing first photopolymers for industrial 3D printing applications, Evonik launches new product line of INFINAM® branded ready-to-use photopolymer resins suitable for use in common vat polymerization technologies such as SLA or DLP.

High-performance photopolymer resins for SLA or DLP 3D Printing

Our new line of photopolymers are ready-to-use, high-performance formulations that can be processed on a wide range of common SLA and DLP machines commercially available on the market.

Photopolymer resins for 3D printing

Flexible (rubber-like) photopolymers

INFINAM® FL 6300 L enables completely new manufacturing possibilities in the field of elastic components.

Impact resistant photopolymers

INFINAM® TI 3100 L is the first high-performance material from Evonik's photopolymer product family. It leads to high toughness and impact-resistant 3D parts.

High strength photopolymers

INFINAM® ST 6100 L is another high-performance material from Evonik's photopolymer product family. This new ready-to-use formulation fills the material gap in high-strength materials for vat polymerization 3D printing technologies (SLA, DLP).

Rigid photopolymers

INFINAM® RG 3101 L is another specialty resin for use in SLA and DLP 3D printing technologies from Evonik's innovation hub in Singapore.


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